Indigenous Tourism Fund Announcement

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism business owners will be able to apply for grants and access mentoring to help start up, diversify or grow their business, through the Indigenous Tourism Fund.

The Indigenous Tourism Fund was developed in consultation with the Indigenous tourism sector and feedback showed there was a need for a mix of support – including capability development and grants.

The fund will provide Indigenous businesses with access to mentors to help them to gain practical advice from industry experts, develop an industry specific business plan and refine business strategies. 

Small business grants will be available through the fund so tourism operators can implement tourism plans and expand their business. Privately owned businesses are eligible for grants of up to $50,000 and community organisations are eligible for grants up to $100,000. Information on the grants is available on GrantConnect and applications will open on 22 February  2021.

As well as this direct assistance, the Indigenous tourism sector will be supported as a whole by the Indigenous Tourism Fund. The fund will provide up to $17 million to invest in Strategic Indigenous Tourism Projects in partnership with the states and territories.

To ensure the Indigenous Tourism Fund is Indigenous led, a new National Indigenous Tourism Advisory Group will advise the Government on future priorities for the Indigenous tourism sector and on implementation of the Fund.

The advisory group is chaired by Professor Deen Sanders OAM with Deputy Chair, Ms Helen Martin.

Find out more information at the NIAA website: Indigenous Tourism Fund or Contact the Wirra Hub today.

This article was originally posted by the Australian Government.